Our Policies

New Customers

Welcome to The Mulch Guys. We want to make our lawn care company an unparalleled experience. We do this by offering billing at the end of the month for per time cuts, or our easiest and most efficient way is monthly billing for all summer services. There is no need to go through the hassle of leaving payment every visit. Our complete dedication to our customers insures them quality services with reliable schedules. There is no contract, but we insist on communicating to us within a 24 hour time period for any changes. Communication and feedback is key, so please let us know how we can make your experience the best for you.


Our prices are very competitive, and we base our fees upon the amount of work or labor that is needed.As a result, the cost of most properties will be different. We offer one time services, and customized contracts so you can be sure that your yard’s unique needs are met within your budget. We will be happy to give you a free estimate for lawn care services. Please contact us, via phone or email, to receive more information.  


We will continue our normal mowing schedule all through the seasons to ensure that we meet every customer’s needs. Any schedule change request should be communicated from the customer via phone call, text message, or email. Mowing rates may increase to an hourly rate if there is an abundance of leaf cleanup involved within the visit. This increase will be communicated to the customer before hand if there is more time needed than allotted for.


We understand that weather might be a problem every once in a while. To insure a consistent schedule, we will use our make-up day/days for any time lost due to rain. We will use our best judgment to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Also let us know if you are having a party or event so we can coordinate our service as not to interfere.

Locked Gates

Please make sure all back yards are accessible on your scheduled lawn care visit. There will be no discounts for incomplete services due to locked gates, etc. However, we will make our best attempt to arrive another time to complete your lawn, depending on the demographics of our scheduled services later that week.

Large Projects

A 50% deposit will be due prior to scheduling any large projects. Upon completion, the remaining balance will be due.

Outstanding Balances

The company will make every attempt to contact customers for unpaid balances before sending their information to our collection agency. We will keep our customer’s contact information current, including email addresses, to insure them that they will be informed about any outstanding balances.

Damage to Property

We understand the importance of keeping our customers happy. Occasionally, tall grass will hide obstructions that we may damage. This can be frustrating for our customers, so we strive to make inconveniences like these as stress free as possible. Before we start our work, please clearly mark all sprinkler heads, underground fence wiring and landscape lighting as we cannot be held responsible for cut wiring due to unmarked items.