Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy landscape plants. Using mulch is a good gardening habit. The benefits make it worth the effort. A really good job of mulching your garden offers the following benefits:

That H2O

Moisture Control

In dry periods mulch retains moisture around plants’ root systems, and helps hold down costly water bills. It also prevents soil erosion by breaking the fall of the water and lessening the force when water impacts the ground. A plant that has a constant level of adequate moisture is less likely to become stressed, which means that it will be better able to resist insects and diseases.

Keep The Good Green Stuff!

Weed Control

In the growing season, a layer of mulch helps prevent germination or weeds. Covering the soil and depriving weed seeds of the light they need to germinate, mulch prevents them from gaining a foothold in the first place. Secondly, bare dirt is the perfect place for weed seeds to land and germinate. By covering all of your bare soil with mulch, most weeds will never be able to come into contact with the soil.

That Perfect Temp


During cold weather mulch acts as a protective blanket for plants, moderating severe temperature changes which can damage plant root systems. In tandem with keeping the soil moist, mulch also keeps the soil cooler in hot weather, which will prolong the amount of time it takes for many plants to bolt or go dormant. Some plants bloom best in cooler conditions, and mulch will aid in keeping these plants blooming longer.

Keep It Rich!

Soil Enrichment

As mulch decomposes it enriches the soil with natural organic matter, and enhances the ability of the soil to retain moisture.

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