WhaT We Do

Mulch installation
Mowing & trimming
Spring cleanup
Bush & hedge trimming
Yard debris removal
Fall cleanup
Leaf & debris removal
 Snowplowing & shoveling

Weekly Mowing

It is suggested to pursue a weekly schedule of maintaining your lawn. No more than a 1/4 inch should be trimmed off of your yard to keep a healthy, eye catching lawn. Our weekly lawn care will help you achieve this goal without you even breaking a sweat. Our weekly lawn care includes us mowing, weed eating, and blowing your lawn’s excess growth away. Pricing varies mostly on lot size, and the abundance of landscaping designs.  

Full Service Lawn Care

Our full service lawn care increases your lawn’s elegance by including our weekly lawn care, tending to the beds, and trimming shrubs around your property. Prices and details will be discussed with your free estimate.


Nothing sharpens the look of a landscape like fresh mulch. Besides appearance, having the right amount of mulch is critical to the health of your landscape plantings. It helps keep moisture in the ground by the plants root system while organically decomposing over time giving nutrients back to the soil. Beds should be topped off each season with a thin layer rather than mounding up the beds every few years. Three to four inches is usually desired in most beds. Mulch also helps prevent weeds from germinating and becoming eye soars.. 

Bush & Shrub Pruning

Overgrown shrubs and dead perennial or annuals can ruin a beautiful yard. The reasons for pruning can be grouped into four categories: training a plant; maintaining plant health; improving the quality of flowers, fruit, and stems; and restricting growth.